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Handle Both Small and Large Messes

Do you need a vacuum system that handles messes quickly for you? The Vacpan can be just the solution you need to get the job done more efficiently!

Square Square

 •  Doesn't take up any space

 •  Easy installation

 •  Affordable

 •  Easy to use

 •  Handles any size mess

 •  Keeps your home cleaner

 •  Convenient

Enjoy the Benefits of a Vacpan

The Vacpan is easily installed in a cabinet kickboard or baseboard to make sweeping easier.


No need for a dustpan any longer. You can quickly and efficiently sweep any mess into the vacpan for a clean surface on your kitchen and bathroom floors.

Easy, Convenient Cleaning


Learn how easy a Vacpan can make your life easier.


Solve your daily cleaning dilemmas with the use of the handy Vacpan. Our expert and knowledgeable technicians can have it installed quickly!