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No More Hose Hassle

One of the biggest pains of vacuuming is trying to get around with hose lying everywhere. With Hide-A-Hose, you don't have to worry about maneuvering around it any longer.

Square Square

 •  Customized length

 •  Easy to move around

 •  Retractable hose

 •  Stores up to 50 feet of hose in the wall

 •  Covers up to 2200 square feet

 •  Easy to store

 •  Affordable

Experience more from Hide-A-Hose

Hide-A-Hose technology makes cleaning easier for you - just pull out the length of hose you need, attach your cleaning tool, and you're ready to go.


Choose where you want to have your central vacuum system installed and soon you could be vacuuming with ease with your new Hide-A-Hose!

Innovative technology


Find a new, convenient way to vacuum!


Our knowledgeable and experienced staff will install and service these systems so you can be worry-free.